Most Amazing Dashcam Videos 1 [Epic Dashcams]

Dashcam: the most brilliant and entertaining Russian invention to go viral. The story of the dashcam is very interesting too, and you should keep it in mind before watching the best dash cam stuff.

Car accidents as you know are very common in Russia just like anywhere else in the world. Drivers use their insurance to cover damages, get their cars repaired and move on with their lives.

The difference, however, is that in Russia the insurance company will not charge you anything to use your insurance as long as you can prove the crash was not your fault. Our inventors, the great Russian heroes, took that as a chance to make something great. They created small but reliable cameras that any driver can attach to their windshield to film all kinds of car crashes, encounters with the police and other events.

But the madness they ended up filming is beyond words. Click here to enjoy the craziest things caught in Russian dash cams videos!

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